Tribu-te magazine - Issue 49

Tribu-te magazine - Issue 49

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In the Fall 2017 issue of Tribu-te magazine we speak to great friend and lifelong inspiration, Robert Lobetta. 

Tribu-te Show London line-up
The evolution of L'Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy
Debate: nine hairdressers from Belgium, the UK and France discuss the influence of Fashion Weeks on their businesses
The first print edition of Infringe
Two initiatives which demonstrate how important your voice and actions can be 
Fashion shows in Paris and Copenhagen
New professional products and tools 

Just Me / Robert Lobetta 
Fourteen exclusive pages with our friend Robert Lobetta! Our 'image-maker' us coming out of retirement and returning to the hairdressing world in a new role, where his creativity and visionary spirit will no doubt cause a few sparks to fly!

40 pages of images chosen from international collections to inspire you. 

Tim Hartley's "Must Have & Must See" to broaden our horizons. 

Original and unique: four beautiful salons discovered in France, England Australia and Singapore
Big furniture brands present their new products